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Information links or groups with coal mining connections, or caving and mine exploration see below.

Caving, Mine exploration, mining organisations.

Burnley Caving Club The web page of Burnley Caving Club. Excellent pages on the history of the club by Wayne Brown. Also includes meets list and other information. Having been long connected with BCC, this site is a must.
Madley, Shropshire Allan Phillip's Pages on the Meadow Colliery and the disaster there, as well as local history on the town of Madeley, Shropshire. Lots of photographs and links. Good site.
Neil Bridgewater

An informative site for mining history in the UK, especially for those seeking information regarding family history, those involved in pit accidents. Ian has compiled a huge database of mining fatalities in the UK.
Coalminer Mail List
Web site dedicated to research run by the former curator of the Lancashire Mining Museum. A 'Mine' of information available.
Coal Mining in Wales A great site for coal mining history in the Welsh Valleys, plenty of photographs.
Dave Lane's Page Dave Lane's Page to the coal mining on Winter Hill, Lancashire, the Bridgewater Canals, and the old Wet Earth Colliery at Clifton near Manchester, and lots of other things!
Haig Colliery Museum The Haig Colliery Mining Museum Page. Everything you need to know about coal mining in the Workington area of Cumbria. Especially the great disasters which happened at the Wellington and Washington Pits.
National Mining Memorabila Association The Home Page of the National Mining Memorabila Association. Best site for those who collect mining memorabilia, colliery checks, lamps etc. Also has many links for the mining historian.
The British Mining Database The British Mining Database, lots of information on mining in the UK.
Mining in Sheffield Brian Crossland's web site all about the High Moor Colliery near Sheffield, it's history and decline. Lots of photographs.